Conditions of Use

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Evaluation of cleanroom suitability

Correct use of the certification mark Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE®

a) Any use of the certification mark must be communicated by sending a specimen copy to the Fraunhofer IPA (Ms. Nicole Göldner, address shown on the left)

b) The certification mark may only be used in direct relation to the tested product indicated on the certification mark. In any corresponding text (image) identification labels etc. the product must be labelled with its complete name. This applies to all media (e.g. Internet, print media, video, presentations).

c) A generalisation for a product group or further developments of the product is not permitted.

d) The certification mark is protected as a trademark. It may only be depicted in the form it is supplied. Modifications of any kind are prohibited.

The size of the certification mark can only be changed if the original proportions are preserved (distortions are not permitted).

The font size must be chosen so that the text, in particular the name of the tested product and the report number, remains legible.

Incorrect use of the certification mark

a) Indemnification

The user indemnifies the Fraunhofer IPA against all third party claims due to the non-stipulated use of the certification mark.

b) Refusal of use

In the case of incorrect use of the certification mark, the Fraunhofer IPA reserves the right to withhold any further use by the user.

Validity / Service Life

The certification mark is valid from the creation date and expires automatically on the same calendar day in five calendar years. Thereafter, the certification mark can no longer be used. A renewal of the certification mark may only be carried out by the Fraunhofer IPA.


If any provision of these terms and condition becomes invalid, the validity of the conditions remains otherwise unaffected.