Cleanroom Technology Excellence Center

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We have been researching clean and ultraclean working environments for 30 years, focusing on digitization processes, automation systems and machine learning in a clean environment. Our expertise not only leads to international standards, but also results in binding norms. We offer a wide range of different research services and create holistic, result-oriented and innovative solutions for the industrial implementation and production of miniaturized and contamination-critical products.

We also have the world’s cleanest cleanroom at our disposal. It is at least ten times cleaner than the quality demanded by the air cleanliness class of ISO 1. This means that a maximum of one particle no bigger than 0.1 micrometer in size may be present in one cubic meter of air. Ideal conditions for a reference cleanroom.
On approximately 500 square meters, we carry out contamination control tests, even on really heavy components. In the cleanroom, we examine all the relevant manufacturing aspects for contamination-sensitive industries and products.

Practical research



Our orientation towards application forms the basis for unique cooperation with industry. We identify with our customers’ goals as, after all, we are motivated by their success. We therefore develop and optimise production equipments and working environments in collaboration with research and industrial partners. And we are also committed to developing platforms for merging decisionmakers and opinionleaders representing industry and research.


Pure consulting for industry



We are delighted to pass on our experience in the cleanroom sector. With the result that we offer consulting services to our customers from the concept phase through realization to commissioning of equipments or entire production systems. Our research and development services cover issues such as production planning, production optimization, clean technology, cleaning technology, measuring technology, micro-assembly, equipment design, production IT and logistics.


State-of-the-art infrastructure for high-end results



Clean results are achieved thanks to test and laboratory conditions featuring state-of-the-art technology. This includes a 300-mm measuring machine for wafers, an automated Raman spectrometer, CNC counters, high-precision dispensing systems, and much more. We even develop our own test equipment if existing systems fail to meet our requirements.



  • 48 scientific employees, and increasing
  • 42 junior scientists

Patents: 80

Research and development activities:

  • 50% of projects realised are commissioned by industrial companies
  • 30% are publicly funded projects
  • 20% are independently financed initiatives
  • Operating internationally in Europe, Asia and
    North America

Annual turnover:
6 million € of which typically 60% is industrial share