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Manufacturing environment

Cleanroom and controlled areas

The economical production of microchips, flat panel displays, photovoltaic modules (thin-film), implants, active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as micro- and nano-products is highly dependent on a clean manufacturing environment. A clean and hygienic manufacturing environment is not only necessary to achieve high efficiencies, but it also allows specific manufacturing processes and their control. In the pursuit of low contamination-related committees, spatial and technical requirements in addition to legal/normative frameworks must be fulfilled during the manufacturing process. The requirements are industry-specific.

The cleanroom is a precondition for clean production. It must fulfil the requirements of the production process. It creates a barrier against the environment and flushes air-borne contamination from the clean room. The air cleanliness class that is required for the production depends on the cleanliness and quality requirements that are applicable to the product. These requirements often are derived from the standards and guidelines of standardisation organisations such as ISO and DIN. This results in most of the technical design and features of a clean room, including the type of flow control (clean room type, flow form), the selection of supply / filtration (quality of filter, velocity of air flow) and handling methods (form of movement, access logic).

Quality without compromise

Planning and Optimization

Already during the planning and conception of manufacturing, a multitude of factors and guidelines must be taken into account in order to avoid the contamination of products during their production.

We offer our know-how on the following topics:

  • Custom designed cleanroom systems and media supplies
  • Design of clean production processes
  • Design of clean equipment, facilities and jobs
  • Design of optimised air flow
  • Selection of handling devices, monitoring and measurement systems
  • Compliance audits with respect to FDA and GMP guidelines
  • Assistance in the implementation of the project

Cleanroom Technology


The integration of cleanroom technology has a considerable influence on the success of applications. Problem-adapted planning is necessary to achieve the best possible result from a cleanroom technology point of view.

The following questions must be clarified in advance:

  • Do I need cleanroom technology?
  • Where do I need cleanroom technology?
  • Which and how much cleanroom technology is required?
  • What does it cost?
  • What does it bring in terms of product quality?
  • Where can I get the right solution?