Personnel Training

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Personnel Training

We provide the knowledge on VDA Volume 19.1 and 19.2 in our seminars at the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute Centre but also to your business via tailored in-house training on site.

Technical Cleanliness Inspector

In cooperation with the VDA QMC Fraunhofer IPA offers a unique course for training in the industry as a specialist for examination of technical cleanliness. In the manufacture of modern vehicles, the technical cleanliness of components and assemblies is an important functional hallmark of quality. The »VDA Volume 19.1 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness – Particulate Contamination of Functionally Relevant Automotive Components« is the first comprehensive standardisation work on the practices and procedures to characterise the state of cleanliness of products in the quality chain of the automotive industry.

Planner for Technical Cleanliness

To ensure correct technical functioning of modern motor vehicles, the cleanliness of the installed systems and fluid circuits is becoming increasingly important. In this case, the experience of recent years shows that to ensure cleanliness quality the cleanliness of the individual components is indeed essential, but this is not enough. After cleaning the individual parts, numerous influencing factors and processes may be a cause of the counter-contamination of parts or assemblies with mission-critical particles. The identification and assessment of these impairments of cleanliness quality and the selection of efficient and cost-effective prevention and countermeasures is an extensive and responsible challenge.

The »VDA Volume 19.2 Technical cleanliness in assembly – Environment, Logistics, Personnel and Assembly Equipment«, which was introduced by the VDA QMC in 2010 is the first comprehensive guide to structured planning or optimisation of a clean installation and its adjacent areas.

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