Risk Factor of Residual Contamination

Technical Cleanliness

Residual contamination from the production can result in high quality costs in the form of scrap, rework, field failures and customer complaints. Therefore the complex quality size must take into account the technical cleanliness of components in the production. This includes not only the residual dirt inspection according to ISO 16232 and include VDA Volume 19.1, the clean assembly and logistics according to VDA Volume 19.2, the verification of the manufacturing environment using particle traps as well as the cleanliness training for personnel

Risk Factor of Residual Contamination

The Fraunhofer IPA offers a wide range of services to help companies optimise their production or services in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Components and Assembly

Reliable data on product and process quality is the primary goals of these analyses and assessments. They are essential in order to make investment decisions and quality measures on a secure basis.

Laboratory Design

The Fraunhofer IPA not only operates one of the most advanced and largest equipped testing laboratories, it also advises companies on establishing their own laboratories.

Personnel Training

As the only provider, our experts train your employees as auditors or planners in the area of technical cleanliness in cooperation with the VDA QMC.