Technical Cleanliness

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Risk Factor of Residual Contamination

In recent years, enormous advances have been made in the automotive industry with regard to enhanced performance, lower energy consumption, reduced emissions and improved safety. Consequently, in order to assure their function and quality, numerous automotive components now have to be manufactured according to stringent cleanliness regulations. What started in the 90’s with just a handful of components under the term of “residual contamination” has evolved since the year 2000 to become a key measure of quality in the automotive and supplier industries under the new name of “technical cleanliness”.

Completely new methods and techniques have been developed not only to assess particulate contamination that is critical to the function of components but also to implement specific cleanliness concepts in the various branches of industry involved. Fraunhofer IPA has played a leading role in the development of the relevant standard VDA Volume 19.1 »Inspection of Technical Cleanliness« and VDA Volume 19.2 »Technical Cleanliness in Assembly«.

Risk Factor of Residual Contamination

The Fraunhofer IPA offers a wide range of services to help companies optimise their production or services in accordance with the applicable guidelines.


Components and Assembly

Reliable data on product and process quality is the primary goals of these analyses and assessments. They are essential in order to make investment decisions and quality measures on a secure basis.


Laboratory Design

The Fraunhofer IPA not only operates one of the most advanced and largest equipped testing laboratories, it also advises companies on establishing their own laboratories.


Personnel Training

As the only provider, our experts train your employees as auditors or planners in the area of technical cleanliness in cooperation with the VDA QMC.

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